Typical dishes not to be missed

If you want to know the dishes not to be missed, Le domaine de Fanélie offers you some!

1- As a starter
We find the famous fritters of cod, the malanga fritters, the fritters with vegetables and many others but we recommend fritters Cod for this unforgettable taste left in the mouth.

Then we find the red sausage, the white sausage, the black sausage. There is something for every taste !

2- For main course
In Guadeloupe, fishing is traditionally very important. So here is a typical dish that will mark you during your stay in Guadeloupe. In the first place we have the wonderful court-bouillon de poisson. You will tell us the news!

If you are not too fond of seafood, we recommend that you try the delicious colombo de cabri.

3- For dessert
As you stroll through the fabulous beaches of Guadeloupe, you will see many coconut palms. Coconuts are present in all Guadeloupe cuisine, you
You will find them from main course to dessert.When it's hot, we invite you to taste the legendary sorbet coco. And why not by the Leroux Beach, just 500m from the Domaine de Fanélie.

We end our few dessert suggestions with bananes flambées.