Internal rules

We have established these few rules so that each tenant's stay goes as smoothly as possible and the Rented Locations retain all their charm. Please read them and share them with the occupants of the gîte. For any questions, Mylène is at your disposal .

In accordance with the Rental Contract, compliance with the Internal Regulations is mandatory. Failure to follow these rules may result in penalties, such as security deposit deductions.

NB vocabulary:
Tenant = natural person having signed the contract and thus being responsible for all other tenants occupying the gîte.
Visitor = natural person external to the tenants as a whole



  • All tenants (and all visitors) must comply with the Internal Regulations as well as any other instructions provided by the manager of Domaine de Fanélie during their stay;
  • Tenants must inform the Property Manager of any incident or complaint from the neighborhood as soon as possible.
  • Arrivals are authorized from 4 p.m., and departures are authorized until 10 a.m. (unless prior agreement from the manager).


  • Tenants are fully and in all circumstances responsible for the safety of their children as well as any disturbance caused to the neighborhood.
  • Tenants and visitors must make as little noise as possible so as not to disturb residents of neighboring accommodation, especially during the night (9 p.m. to 8 a.m.), as well as during arrival and departure;
  • Noise nuisance (music, noisy games, shouting, etc.) is prohibited at any time and may result in the interruption of the seasonal rental, eviction, loss of costs incurred as well as deductions from the security deposit;
  • Tenants and their possible visitors must not adopt any antisocial behavior. They are asked to minimize their immediate impact on the neighborhood and local residents.


  • Tenants are allowed to invite a maximum of 2 (two) visitors during the day or early evening (until 9 p.m.).
  • Tenants are required to ensure that the maximum number of visitors is not exceeded, and that visitors comply with the Internal Regulations.
  • Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight at the property without prior agreement from the manager, subject to additional charges.


  • It is strictly prohibited to organize parties or any other type of large gathering in the Domaine unless planned and stipulated in the reservation;
  • Any gathering in small groups must be done in compliance with the other rules stipulated in these regulations, in particular with regard to Noise, Neighborhood and the number of Authorized Visitors.


  • Tenants and their visitors are required to throw away their garbage and waste for recycling in the bins provided for this purpose and in accordance with the procedure in force. Litter should under no circumstances be left in a public area or in common areas.


  • Each time tenants leave the rented accommodation, they are required to ensure that all windows and doors are closed and/or locked in order to preserve the security of the accommodation and to prevent potential damage caused by rain or wind. ;
  • Tenants must turn off taps, turn off lights, air conditioning, air fans or fans and electronic devices such as televisions when they are not in use in order to save energy;
  • It is forbidden to leave the air conditioning on when the tenants are away from the accommodation, the manager reserves the right to enter and turn off the air conditioning, particularly if it is observed that the exterior unit is running and the tenant's vehicle is not is not in its parking lot , this comfort equipment being extremely energy-intensive, a fee of €10 per air conditioner and per observation will be deducted from your deposit. Its use is strictly reserved for the room and will be with the doors and windows closed.


Domaine de Fanélie is equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and a defibrillator installed at reception. Fire extinguishers and defibrillator should only be used in cases of real danger.


  • Tenants must ensure that they save running water as much as possible; it is a rare and extremely expensive resource on the island.


  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the gîte and in the immediate surroundings of the buildings ;
  • Tenants must dispose of their cigarette butts properly and must under no circumstances throw them into the garden.


  • Tenants must supervise babies and children at all times when using the balcony or terrace.
  • The following rules apply to the use of the balcony and terrace:
    ◦ Do not throw anything or shake it from terraces and balconies
    ◦ Do not lean over the railings.

11. PETS

  • One pet is allowed in the gîte (except those mentioned below) subject to acceptance by the manager before booking and subject to payment of €5/day.
  • Category 1 and 2 dogs are not allowed. Animals over 15kg are not allowed
  • The following rules apply to pets in the rented premises:
    ◦ Animals are under the full responsibility of their master who must collect their droppings.
    ◦ Animals must not sleep in the beds or sofas made available to tenants. A check will be made of the inventory and may be subject to a deduction from the security deposit for additional cleaning (cleaning and laundry time).
  • In the event of noise pollution reported by the neighborhood or noted by the manager, tenants must take steps not to leave the animal alone and stop its barking.


  • Any broken object and any damage caused must be reported to the manager as soon as possible. Failure to report may result in a withholding of the security deposit.
  • To avoid breakage and damage, furniture should not be moved from its original room without prior agreement.
  • Please also note that no item made available in the gîte must leave the property (to go to the beach, for example)


The personal wifi code is provided to the tenant upon arrival.

The user of internet access undertakes not to use this access for purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright. or by neighboring rights, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorization. The user is informed that sharing software, when connected to the Internet, can automatically make downloaded files available. If sharing software has been used to download protected works, it is therefore preferable to deactivate it.
The user is also required to comply with the security policy as well as the rules for using the FANELIE Wifi network.

The liability of the access holder SARL FANELIE LOCATION in no way excludes that of the user who may be accused of an offense of counterfeiting (article L. 335-3 of the Intellectual Property Code).

The Tenant will find annexed to these Regulations the IT Charter applicable when using the network.


The following rules apply to handing over keys, security, cleaning, waste, etc. :

  • Cleaning is the responsibility of the tenant who must return the gîte in a state of cleanliness equivalent to the state noted on arrival.
  • The tenant can pay for the cleaning option so that it is carried out by us, however the accommodation must be left in a decent condition, the bins must have been emptied and thrown away, the dishes must have been done and the premises must be tidy.
  • An inspection will be carried out in the presence of the responsible tenant. If one of the parties is unable to do so, the check will be carried out within 24 hours by the manager, who will report within this same period any possible withholding of the deposit due to a lack, breakage or deterioration of one or more elements placed available to the tenant.If the key is not delivered by hand to the inventory, a mailbox is provided for this purpose at reception.


In the event of an emergency linked to the rented accommodation and common areas of the Fanélie estate, your contacts are:
Mylène MARCEL: +59 (0)
Camille MARCEL: +59 (0)

These numbers are also accessible from the intercom at reception.


The tourist tax rate applied by the Municipality of Deshaies for stays at Domaine de Fanélie is €1 for the 3-star Furnished Tourist classification. This rate is subject to modification at any time by municipal decision.


Violation of any rule included in these Internal Regulations constitutes a violation of the General Conditions of occupancy, in accordance with the Rental Contract.

The rental contract is not transferable without express authorization from the owner.

Minors are not allowed to stay alone in the rented premises.

SARL FANELIE LOCATION reserves the right to terminate the occupancy permit and to evict from the rented premises any Tenant or visitor refusing to respect the Internal Regulations or causing nuisance disturbing neighbors or other residents of the community.


This document may be subject to change according to needs, without requiring the Tenant's agreement. The applicable version always remains the latest version displayed in the accommodation.






IT CHARTER for use of the FANELIE WIFI network

The purpose of this charter is to define the rules for using the WiFi connection at Domaine de Fanélie.

In particular, it specifies the responsibilities of users, in accordance with the legislation and in order to allow normal and optimal use of this Internet service.

The FANELIE Wifi network: offers tenants with a mobile device equipped with Wifi the possibility of connecting to the Internet network for free.

Usage: People wishing to use the FANELIE Wifi network must connect to the network and insert the username and password provided on arrival. Access is reserved for people with a rental contract and only during the rental period. The Wifi network allows Internet browsing. It also allows sending electronic messages through different software.

Rules of use: Each user is legally responsible for the use he makes of this connection. He undertakes to respect the rules of IT ethics and in particular:

  • not to disclose your login details to others;
  • to report any problems to the manager
  • to use the means made available to it in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, and in particular:
    • do not consult sites of a racist, pedophilic nature or inciting hatred and violence;
    • not commit crimes and acts of piracy that infringe the rights of others and the safety of individuals;
  • not to intentionally carry out operations which could have the consequences of:
    • to hide his true identity;
    • to alter, modify data or access information belonging to other users of the network;
    • to interrupt or disrupt the normal operation of the network or any of the systems connected to the network;
    • modify or destroy information on any of the systems;
    • to connect or attempt to connect to a site without authorization.

Connection to the Internet by a minor is done under the responsibility and supervision of the person who concluded the rental contract or an adult designated by the latter. No content filters are installed.

As Internet access is provided free of charge, no reduction will be considered on rental in the event of non-operation or partial operation.